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Providing a jargon free explanation and what hosting companies we recommend.

We recommend hosting companies that are configured specifically for the WordPress system.

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2. Send ReceiptBUILD TRUST

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What Is Hosting

Hosting is a service that allows you to serve webpages to people who serf the internet. A Hosting company maintains servers that make this possible using various technologies. It is vital when choosing a Hosting company that you read what services they are giving you and at a good price. There are basically three types of Hosting for WordPress which include Shared Hosting, Managed WordPress and Managed Cloud Server.

These are all services that we currently use or have used before and we are recommending them because they are companies that we trust.

Whichever type you choose you can be sure most will come with: Email Accounts, Support via a Ticket System and a Control Panel.

configure hosting package

Configure up to 5 email accounts
Create your Webspace
Install Free SSL certificate (https)
Install & Configure WordPress
Create empty Home page
Create Main Menu
Add Company Copyright in Footer
Setup FTP for one User

Normal Cost ………… £30 FREE

Choose Your Hosting Requirements

Based on your budget and how technical you wanna get…


Perfect for:
Simple Landing Pages
Not So Busy Website

Around £2.50 per month

Managed WordPressNON-TECHNICAL

Perfect for:
E-commerce Websites
Business Websites
Start-Up Companies

Around £8 per month

Managed Cloud ServerVERY TECHNICAL

Perfect for:
Critical Websites
Heavy Traffic Websites
Who Demand The Best

Around £22 per month

Shared Hosting

If your website is a hobby or your doing some development work then we recommend shared hosting. Shared means that your sharing the server and it’s resources with other hosting clients just like you. Naturally your speed will be dependent on how busy your server is serving clients.

Eligible for ‘Configure Hosting’ Package (normal cost… £30) FREE


For a simple website it’s fine, but having WordPress on it with it’s growing plugin installations it will be heavy loading.


Our recommendations have Let’s Encrypt available which is a free SSL certificate and is valid for 90 days, during which it is renewed by the hosts.


Since you will probably only have access to a Ticket System in most cases, Support will probably be slow.


WordPress will not be installed automatically, it will just be a empty webspace. You will need to install WordPress yourself manually or using the available auto installer.

Our Recommendations

Managed WordPress

If your ready for your website to start earning it’s keep then managed hosting is what your looking for. It is the best option for businesses where speed is important and more traffic is expected. The costs are higher but you get what your paying for to run your business without worries.

Eligible for ‘Configure Hosting’ Package (normal cost… £30) FREE

Our Recommendations


Quick response from Support who are experienced with WordPress as well as any technical issues that may arise.


Specifically configured hosting dedicated to WordPress including a pre-installed installation and a staging area.


Excellent speed for your visitors as well as having plenty of plugins in your WordPress without slowing it down.


SSL certificates are automatically installed for you as well as other secure options for you to keep your website secure.

Managed Cloud Server

If money was not a issue and you can choose the best hosting for your website, then managed Cloud hosting would be your choice. Not only are you getting the highest performance but you are Supported by a highly qualified team of specialists who work at the top tier of their profession.


Due to the fact you are using super fast Cloud servers, speed will never be a issue since your resources are scaleble.


Various SSL certificates are available for you as well as other secure options for you to keep your website secure.


Highest calibre of support which includes WordPress experts who have many years of dealing with website issues.


Your own cloud server enabling you to install WordPress manually or using the many options available.

Our Recommendations